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Selected Criminal Case Opinions

Commonwealth v. Hankerson, 1069 MDA 2015

Superior Court reversed and remanded for new sentence.

Commonwealth v. Garner, 302 HBG 1997

Superior Court reversed and remanded for the suppression of evidence leading to eventual dismissal of case.

Selected Criminal Articles

Selected Case Examples Since 1995

  • In 1995, obtained an intermediate punishment sentence in a DUI case avoiding incarceration on a fifth DUI offense.
  • In 1996, obtained acquittal in first jury trial.
  • In 1997, obtained acquittal in lifetime Megan’s Law Offense.
  • In 1998, obtained acquittal in assault trial despite admitted evidence that the Defendant had previously been convicted of assaulting the same person.
  • In 1998, avoided death penalty in case involving a defendant alleged to have murdered five elderly victims.
  • In 1998, obtained dismissal in case involving a repeat retail theft offender with dementia.
  • In 1999, obtained an intermediate punishment sentence in a mandatory minimum drug case where the Defendant had significant health issues.
  • In 1999, assigned second death penalty case as lead counsel which eventually resulted in a disposition of a sentence of less than 10 years.
  • In 2000, obtained dismissal in case involving first time offender who performed community service in advance of case listing.
  • From 2002-2010, assisted the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Office of Attorney General’s office on criminal matters such as bid rigging, fraud, corruption, including the largest DBE fraud case in United States History.
  • From 2012-2019, handled numerous criminal appellate cases.
  • In 2013, argued criminal constitutional law matters before multiple courts.
  • In 2015, won a SORNA case where lifetime Megan’s Law registrant no longer had to register as a sex offender.
  • In 2015, assisted a client in a PennDOT medical recall case in keeping his driver’s license.
  • From 2013-2019, handled numerous trial and pretrial criminal matters before multiple Central Pennsylvania Courts.
  • From 2014-2019, obtained ARD and expungements for multiple clients.
  • From 2014-2019, obtained dismissals and reductions of charges at the district judge level without any further need to attend court.
  • In 2017, based on medical issues, was able to have highest tier DUI case resolved as a careless driving charge with no license suspension.
  • In 2017, obtained a dismissal felony case with a standard range sentence of more than three years where the defendant was suffering from dementia.
  • In 2018, on a post conviction relief matter obtained a Court dismissal of a case after client had served two years in prison.
  • In 2018, was able to have a lifetime SORNA/Megan’s law registrant as a Sexually Violent Predictor (“SVP”) vacated so that the Defendant’s registration was reduced to the lowest tier.